Maria Hrycelak, MD

The Archives of UMANA contain corporate records dating from the inception of the Association. Back copies of Likars'kyj Visnyk (JUMANA) and UMANANews are maintained, as well as the minutes and records of past meetings of the National Office and Assembly of Delegates.

The library includes examples of current medical journals published in Ukraine, as well as past publications in the diaspora.

If you are interested in conducting research utilizing the resources of the archive and library, please contact the archivist.



The Bylaws committee is called into action when needed to review or amend the bylaws of UMANA. The last revision of the bylaws occurred in 2003.


Ronald Liteplo, MD
Tymish Trusewych, DO
Roman Dykun, MD

The Ethics committee (Audit Committee) is a special committee called to order to resolve matters submitted in writing by the Board of Directors or the boards of the Branches. It also verifies all reports formally submitted to the Assembly of Delegates.



The membership committee recruits new applicants, encourages continued participation of current members, and follows up on dormant or inactive members.


Roxolana Horbowyj, MD

The Journal committee is a standing committee chaired by the editor-in chief of the Journal of the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (JUMANA).

Newsletter Editor

Andrew Iwach, MD

The Newsletter committee is a standing committee chaired by the editor-in-chief of the UMANA News.


Liza Pilch, MD
Andrew Melnyk MD

The scientific committee prepares the educational component of the biennial Scientific Conference, and advises the Board on any issues relating to teaching and continuing medical education.


Roxolana Horbowyj, MD

UMANA is a founding member of the World Federation of Ukrainian Medical Associations (WFUMA), a 501c3 US organization whose members are Ukrainian medical organizations throughout the world. UMANA maintains active contact with the Federation and takes part in the biennial WFUMA Clinical Congress.


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Welcome to, the on-line home to the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America.

The Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (UMANA), founded in 1950, is a voluntary non-profit association of professionals licensed to practice in their areas of health care in the United States and Canada.

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Board of Directors

PresidentPeter Lenchur, MD
President ElectLeo Wolansky, MD
Vice PresidentMarta Lopatynsky, MD
SecretaryLydia Wozny, RPh
TreasurerRoman Kozyckyj, MD
Executive DirectorGeorge Hrycelak, MD

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